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Prehistoric Planet – Azhdarchids Stride Again

TV review

And so Prehistoric Planet comes to an end, although thankfully not with the extinction of the (non-avian) dinosaurs as some had feared. Instead, we’re treated to glimpses of Late Cretaceous life in woodland environments, and although the show remains dominated by dinosaurs, plants do get their due this time. Starting with a herd of Austroposeidon clearing trees in the South American forest (and a look at how plants aggressively colonise the space created), the episode then shifts north, following a…

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Bauria illustration by Eldar Zakirov

This Mesozoic Month: November 2018

This Mesozoic Month

November! You came and went so fast, it seemed. But you brought us much to chew on, and for that we’re thankful. It’s your eleventh This Mesozoic Month of 2018, and it is stuffed to the max. In the News The passing of Ralph Chapman hit the community hard this month. Our condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues. Another big, charismatic dinosaur is up for auction [PDF link], and as ever, these companies try to make it look all…

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