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LWL-Museum für Naturkunde, Münster


Westfalen in October can mean only one thing: rain, rain and more rain. But nothing is to spoil my mood today: I’ve come to Münster, more or less on a whim, for this lovely natural history museum (as well as the zoo next door). The museum is currently undergoing partial renovations, but no matter; I’ll come back again next year to see what they made of it. A planetarium is also housed in the building at an upcharge. It’s worth…

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Paleoartist Interview: Gabriel Ugueto


Today I’m excited to bring you an interview with one of the most prominent paleoartists working today, Gabriel Ugueto. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and follow paleoart at all, you are likely well aware of the astonishing scope and quality of art flowing out of Gabriel’s studio. From field guide-style lateral view restorations to fully fleshed-out, full color environments to evocative pieces rendered with the minimal color of ink, Gabriel’s body of work has attracted masses of…

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Allosaurus crop

Vintage Dinosaur Art: My Favorite Dinosaurs – Part 1

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Not for the first time, I’ve got hold of a book containing some very famous pieces of palaeoart and thought to myself ‘oh, of course these have been covered on the blog before’ – only to have a look and realise that they haven’t. In this case, I was sure that I’d reviewed The [London] Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs (from 1993) back when I first started writing for LITC. Nope! As a result, and in spite of John…

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