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Vintage Dinosaur Art: Das Grosse Buch der Saurier

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Funny story, this one. As a science educator, I visit primary schools all over the country, and I often can’t resist scanning their school libraries for dinosaur books. Most of the time, I run into these awful late-2000’s stock-CGI schlockfests, but last week, I hit paydirt. A beautifully illustrated German-made children’s book from the late 80s, well-worn by the tough love of so many children’s hands. As one of the teachers saw me gushing, she actually offered to give the…

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Apatosaurus louisae on display at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Visiting the Carnegie Museum of Natural History – Part 1


Last week, Jennie and I took a trip to Pittsburgh, PA. Telling people you’re going to Pittsburgh in the middle of January elicits a lot of “what for?” reactions. Well, the “what for” was a good one, thank you very much. It was the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, a museum I’ve long wanted to visit, and it far exceeded my expectations. It was the best dinosaur hall I’ve ever visited, and though I had done a bit of research…

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