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Spread in Mesozoic Art featuring work from Jed Taylor

Mesozoic Art – Marc’s review

Book Review

Who doesn’t want another coffee table book filled with very pretty palaeoart printed on good quality paper? Mesozoic Art is the spiritual successor to Dinosaur Art and Dinosaur Art II, both published by Titan Books in 2012 and 2017, respectively. As Bloomsbury has published this one, it can’t be a sequel in the literal sense, even if the front cover is very, very strongly suggestive of it being so. It also (in spite of the cover design) departs from its…

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Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: The Podcast promotional graphic featuring a chasmosaurus skull with a microphone

Podcast Show Notes: Episode 11

Podcast Show Notes

It’s time for the eleventh episode of the famous LITC podcast! Today, Marc, Niels and Natee discuss perhaps the single most influential book of dinosaur art in the entire world: Predatory Dinosaurs of the World, by one Gregory S. Paul ™. Marc interviews Friend Of The Blog Steve White about his upcoming compendium of Mesozoic Art, his new, gruesome alphabet book, and of course his legendary work for Dinosaurs! Magazine and the wilderness years that followed. In the news, Niels…

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Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaurs of the World (Avi-Cha) – Part 2

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Having covered this book’s theropods in a previous post, I suppose it’s time we give those Other Dinosaurs a quick look.  I still think it’s a real shame that this series wasn’t published more widely; the illustrations are consistently excellent and serve as a wonderful reminder of where we were at in the late ’90s. This was the work of some of the best palaeo-illustrators around, and it’s never made more clear than when they apply the same care, attention…

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Dinosaurs of the World cover

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaurs of the World (Avi-Cha) – Part 1

Vintage Dinosaur Art

When speaking to Steve White not so long ago – in relation to his work on Dinosaurs! – he told me about a multi-volume dinosaur encyclopedia he’d also played a part in back in the ’90s. Steve contributed illustrations alongside LITC favourites Jim Robins and Steve Kirk among others, while the text was written by the likes of Paul Barrett, Tom Holtz and Mark Norell. Sadly, the encyclopedia – published by Marshall Cavendish in 1999 – was only ever sold…

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Steve White piece 3

Action man! Steve White on Dinosaurs!

Illustration Interview

Any dinosaur-loving child in the UK in the early 1990s simply had to have a Dinosaurs! magazine collection. I’ve looked at the series on a number of occasions previously, mostly because it’s a treasure trove of 1990s palaeoart (of widely varying quality), but also because it’s hugely nostalgic for me personally, easily as much as Jurassic Park. My parents placed a subscription with our (now long-defunct) local newsagent, so I had every copy delivered to my door. Mostly thanks to…

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