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This Mesozoic Month: August 2020

This Mesozoic Month

Welcome back to This Mesozoic Month, the roundup of news, blogging, multimedia content, and art related to life of the Mesozoic era. I’ve made the decision that this will be the final edition of the series. These regularly scheduled roundups have been going since December 2016, preceded by less regular Mesozoic Miscellany posts. These simple posts take more time to compile than they might look like, and it’s time I just can’t spare any more. Thank you to everyone who…

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Vintage Dinosaur Art: A natural history of Dinosaurs – Part 2

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Last time around, we had a look at various illustrations of theropods from 1977’s A natural history of Dinosaurs (this edition being from 1978), authored by Richard Moody and involving an assortment of artists. While theropods are obviously the Best Dinosaurs, I’m aware that there are people out there – strange people, no doubt – who are more interested in ornithischians (or non-theropod ornithoscelidilians, if you prefer) and sauropods. So here they are! Starting with a very early sauropodomorph with…

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