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Prehistoric Planet – A Modern Vision of the Past

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I was only a year old when BBC’s landmark series Walking with Dinosaurs first aired, but I have to imagine watching it in 1999 must have felt similar to the way I felt watching Prehistoric Planet this week. Not since then has the age of dinosaurs ever been portrayed so believably. For the first time in a big-budget media project we’re getting depictions of Mesozoic life that isn’t plagued by concessions and strange design choices. Feathers are commonplace. Multi-ton behemoths…

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Prehistoric Planet – Azhdarchids Stride Again

TV review

And so Prehistoric Planet comes to an end, although thankfully not with the extinction of the (non-avian) dinosaurs as some had feared. Instead, we’re treated to glimpses of Late Cretaceous life in woodland environments, and although the show remains dominated by dinosaurs, plants do get their due this time. Starting with a herd of Austroposeidon clearing trees in the South American forest (and a look at how plants aggressively colonise the space created), the episode then shifts north, following a…

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Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaurs (Marshall Minis)

Vintage Dinosaur Art

On more than one occasion, I’ve bought an intriguing-looking old dinosaur book on eBay, only to find that it’s filled with artwork from an older book that’s already been featured on the blog. This would be one of those cases…almost. For you see, while an awful lot of the palaeoart in this book is recycled from 1992’s Gollancz Dinosaur Enyclopaedia for Children, there’s a significant amount of newer material here too, and given that it’s all from the same artist…

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My Paleoart Year

Paleoart Gallery

2020’s been a weird one, but I have managed to create some paleoart. I don’t write much about my own work, so I thought it would be fun to round up what I’ve been up to in this post. Hope you enjoy! First up is my newest one. I was very excited to see this one hit the web this week. It is the initial design in Studio 252mya’s Paleo Parks poster series. I chose to do the Kaiparowits Formation.…

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Bajadasaurus illustration by Francisco Riolobos

This Mesozoic Month: March 2019

This Mesozoic Month

March! It was a month of wonders. Not the least of which is that the 2019 Survey of Paleoartists has surpassed the number of respondents of the 2017 edition! If you’re a paleoartist, please click over to the survey to participate. I’m going to keep it running for a few months, but there’s no time like the present to stand up and be counted. In the News Just barely missing the last roundup was a new frog from the Chinle…

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