Monoclonius illustration by Ezra Tucker, from the Beasts of the Mesozoic figure box art

This Mesozoic Month: September 2019

This Mesozoic Month

Let’s close out September of 2019 with a look back at what we learned about mesozoic life. Stay tuned in October as we have TetZooCon and SVP coming up, and are sure to have a massive amount of good stuff coming our way.

In the News

Around the Dinoblogosphere

Dispatches from Himmapaanland

On Twitter, Natee started September with a classic bit of literary mash-up and just kept on rolling out the hits.

The LITC AV Club

The Velocipastor

Mike Taylor on Jensen’s Trio of ‘Pods

Armor and Clubs on Common Descent

The Common Descent podcast dedicated an entire episode to those iconic Mesozoic panzers, the ankylosaurs. Nice!

Brian Engh on Thermal Paleoart…

…and on Chompy Rex

Crowdfunding Spotlight

The Horned Beasts Have Arrived

The Beasts of the Mesozoic Styracosaurus figure

The new line of Beasts of the Mesozoic figures, focused on ceratopsians, is now funding! Pledge for yours at Kickstarter And scroll down for our BOTM paleoart feature.

The Empty Wallets Club

  • Cover for "Dinosaurios Bebes" illustrated by Gabriel UguetoGabriel Ugueto illustrated a recently-published Spanish-language children’s book. Buy yours here!
  • A model wearing a black tee shirt with white skeletal art of the long-necked marine reptile ElasmosaurusI treated myself to a new tee this month: Scott Elyard’s awesome Elasmosaurus, which makes me dizzy if I stare too long at those vertebrae! Buy it here.

Your Moment of Paleoart Zen

I was pretty stunned to see the reveal of the box art for the Beasts of the Mesozoic Monoclonius (aka juvenile Centrosaurus). In a truly inspired move, BOTM mastermind David Silva enlisted Ezra Tucker, the terrific artist and illustrator responsible for that iconic Dino-Riders art to illustrate this. Of course, Dino-Riders is one of the pieces of pop culture that made Monoclonius a quintessentially 1980’s dinosaur (especially considering the fact that the taxon has been considered a nomen dubium in the intervening years).

Monoclonius illustration by Ezra Tucker, from the Beasts of the Mesozoic figure box art

Illustration of Monoclonius by Ezra Tucker

The art on the box echos the composition of the Dino-Riders Monoclonius box art, and the color scheme of the toy does likewise. But comparing the two, you can see just how much thirty-odd years have improved Tucker’s technique. And, of course, it’s fun to compare the anatomy of the two beasts. This is a rare and potent mix of nostalgia-tickling illustration and contemporary paleoart. The color palette and superbly retro volcano spewing lava and ash is just delicious.

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