Two Rhomaleosaurus swim in the ocean, illustrated by Anthony James Hutchings.

This Mesozoic Month: May 2020

This Mesozoic Month

Yer boy David here, returning with another look back at the current month in Mesozoic paleontology. Pandemic or no, each month I look for a selection of interesting research and news stories, posts from the shrinking-but-still-kicking blogosphere, videos, and a piece of paleoart that grabbed my attention. And, of course, I gleefully shine a spotlight on our own Natee’s current palaeoartistic efforts. Thanks so much for reading each month!

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Draw Struthiomimus with Brian Engh

The Empty Wallets Club

  • Fossil sketchbook framed print featuring marine fossil illustrations by Marni WalkerMarni Walker, who works as Paper and Dust, draws some really wonderful naturalist notebook style fossils, like this piece focused on marine life. Buy it at her shop.
  • Extinct animals face mask by Kory BingThere’s no shortage of new places to buy customized face masks these days, and I really like the set of paleo-themed masks by Kory Bing. Head to her shop to order.

Your Moment of Paleoart Zen

This month, our feature is a lovely trio of Rhomaleosaurus illustrated by Anthony James Hutchings, who was a new artist to me. I love images of marine reptiles congregating, and this one puts the early Jurassic pliosaur in a well-deserved spotlight.

Two Rhomaleosaurus swim in the ocean, illustrated by Anthony James Hutchings.

Rhomaleosaurus pair by Anthony James Hutchings. Shared here with the artist’s permission.

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