Podcast Show Notes: Episode 4 – Wayne Barlowe and Chris DiPiazza

Podcast Show Notes

In Episode 4 of the fabulous Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs Podcast, Natee, Marc and Niels discuss the final nail in the coffin of Nanotyrannus, the surprising truth behind Rudolph Zallinger’s famous mural, some Triassic weirdos and whether the best Tyrannosaurus might be a dead Tyrannosaurus. We discuss the works of Wayne Barlowe, the legendary sci-fi artist who sometimes painted dinosaurs with spectacular results. Marc then interviews palaeoartist Chris DiPiazza, who talks us though his recent projects, learning to love New Jersey dinosaurs, and that time someone else painted a perfect copy of his work on location.

In the news

  • The big news story is a paper on why there are no medium-sized theropods, corroborating what various dinosaur experts have been saying for the past few years. In addition, an open access paper found here discusses the various differences in morphology between subadult and adult tyrannosaurs, suggesting once again that these animals occupied different niches in different stages of life.
  • Protopyknosia is the name of a newly described clade, containing Kranosaura and Tripoticus, two remarkable dome-headed Triassic archosauriforms that show convergent evolution with pachycephalosaurs. The Triassic is just full of surprises.
  • Rudolph Zallinger’s Age of Reptiles mural at the Yale Peabody Museum gets a facelift. Read about it here and here.

Joschua Knüppe’s Karonasaura reconstruction. More can be found on his Twitter page.

Image (c) Joschua Knüppe, used with permission

Vintage Dinosaur Art

The team discusses the work of Wayne Barlowe in An Alphabet of Dinosaurs. We also mention his work for The Horned Dinosaurs. Both books were written in the mid-90s by Peter Dodson. Marc Vincent reviews An Alphabet of Dinosaurs on the old blog here and here, Niels Hazeborg’s review of The Horned Dinosaurs is here.









Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus, from The Horned Dinosaurs

Chasmosaurus, from The Horned Dinosaurs




Chris DiPiazza reveals some of his secrets to Marc. Fortunately, the microphone was running. Chris runs and illustrates the long-running Prehistoric Beast of the Week blog. You can also find Chris on Twitter and Instagram.

Hell Creek with Thescelosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and Acheroraptor for a yet unreleased paper.(c) Chris DiPiazza, used with permission.

Triceratops (c) Chris DiPiazza, used with permission.

Hadrosaurus at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Pennsylvania. (c) Chris DiPiazza, used with permission.

Jersey Pride: Chris DiPiazza and Hadrosaurus at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Pennsylvania. (c) Chris DiPiazza, used with permission.

The original Tylosaurus for Field Station Dinosaurs, Kansas. (c) Chris DiPiazza, used with permission.

The on-site reproduction of Tylosaurus at Field Station Dinosaurs, Kansas. (c) Chris DiPiazza, used with permission.

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